Family Support Services:


Emergency Food Assistance

        Any family or individual from the community facing a financial crisis or a temporary emergency can visit Abriendo Puertas for help with food items. If the emergency continues, they can register to participate in our bi-weekly USDA food distribution program.


Bi-Weekly USDA Food Distribution

       Abriendo Puertas distributes every two weeks USDA food to registered residents in our community. To qualify for this government sponsored food assistance program it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • You must be a low income family according to the established guidelines for the number of individuals in the household.
  • Families receiving food stamps.
  • Families receiving (T.A. N. F.) Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.
  • Families receiving SSI or Medicaid
  • Families residing in any type of Government Housing or covered under a Government plan for housing assistance.


       Any interested family or individual should call
305-649-6449 to find out if they qualify for this program.


Information And Referrals
As a comprehensive Community Resource Center, Abriendo Puertas partners with a vast network of organizations providing all types of community services. Whatever your need might be, Abriendo Puertas can help you either within our center, by providing the necessary information or by a referral to another organization that can best meet your needs.